Info guide #2

How to tame a wolf

Item’s you need:

  • Wolf (egg or automatic)
  • Bone


(For egg)

  1. Spawn your wolf right in front of you
  2. Put the bone in your “hand”
  3. Repetitively left-click the wolf with the bone

(For automatic)

  1. Get your wolf
  2. Put the bone in your “hand”
  3. Repetitively left-click the wolf with the bone




                        Congratulations!!! You now own a wolf!



Hey it is me , ZezeGirl. I would like to say how people have been spamming up our comment section.They are just putting links , So far there are only 2 comments that are not bad or spamming. So if you know you are spamming please stop. Mister_B1ll and I are looking for good comments like, Suggestions and positive comments.

thank you ~ Mister_b1ll & ZezeGirl

What are Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft servers are computers you connect to where you can play: player versus player ( or PVP ), build, talk to other Minecraft players and go to different worlds (such as: Sky Block, Towny, Creative, Survival, and many other stuff.)

On most Minecraft servers there are Admins. Admins are people who help other people with there problems.They also have to do certain things for example: if somebody is new to the Server they say something like “Welcome _________, to ___________.”

Minecraft servers are really fun to play on. We would love for you to try our our family friendly Minecraft server – connect to IP:



info guide #1

info guide #1

how to “name” animals


what you need:


name tag





1st: you need to be on creative

2nd: put the name tag in the first slot in the anvil

3rd: then press the long bar and enter in your animals name

4th: get the name tag from the very last slot

5th: get your animal and equip the name tag that you named

6th: left-click your animal and your animal will have a name-tag



you have named your animal! 


there are 3 main gamemodes, Survival, Creative, And hardcore. Most people like to use survival because it challenges them. I mostly prefer Creative because you can have anything that is available in MineCraft. Finally there is hardcore where you are on a island with no trees or materials, the island is about 6 block X 4 block. If you die on hardcore then it is over or that world is automatically deleted.



what are skins? well skins are what can “customize” your character. Many people have skin,. some skins can even look the same as a person such as celebrities, superheros,animals,and many many more!  most people got to this link to get skins.

my skin


minecraft on YouTube?!

people can film them on minecraft and make videos on YouTube! A few are  skydoesminecraft ,  explodingtnt , and captainsparklez ( there are more minecraft you-tubers).  these you-tubers use things called “mods” ,”resource packs” , and “mini games” . mods are these added features in your game . resource packs or texture packs were you can see the blocks different as they usally are.



airplane mod

airplane mod



dragon mod

dragon mod



what is Minecraft rocks??

MINECRAFT ROCKS!Minecraft rocks is basically a Minecraft  blog that can help anyone. each week i have a new topic. my goal is trying to make this a popular site i’m talking like 100-150 people. I post everyday .

What is minecraft?

Minecraft is a video game that can be played on Playstation, Xbox, the computer, or on a phone/tablet. You can build whatever your imagination takes you.

There are 3 types of modes you can play: survival, creative, or hardcore. There are mobs that come out at night like skeletons, zombies, ender men, and spiders. Minecraft also has friendly animals like cows, sheep, chickens, horses, pigs, squid, bats, wolfs, and ocelot.

Many animals help you survive and play a crucial role in thriving in the game.

A great new family friendly server

Our server address is

We have a super bouncy and cool spawn area with a shop, enchantment area, survival area, and sky block. The server is circus themed. The Owner is : Mister_B1ll   (this server is still a work in progress)